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EatGatherLove Franchisee Testimonial

My name is Adi Jacobs and I am the founder franchise in the USA, operating an EatGatherLove Franchise in San Diego North County. I wanted to share with any potential EatGatherLove Franchisees my story to date.

When I became involved with EatGatherLove (EGL), the business already had a 20 year international track record of success through its founder Derek Lilly and his Dream Doors business model he had developed originally from the UK. He expanded that business with award winning success into New Zealand and Australia markets, and then he rebranded the business to EatGatherLove for the USA market.

Both the EGL Management team and the award winning and unique Franchise Management System (FMS), really attracted me to the business initially. The FMS allowed me to track my EatGatherLove business in such a way that I had never been able to do before. The marketing is also at such an advanced level, I could only dream about affording it.

Prior to becoming involved with EatGatherLove, I had been running a kitchen cabinet business in San Diego with my family for the last 24 years. Most of my customers were mid to high end, designer kitchen projects. These projects were usually very time consuming and labor intensive, taking up to a year to complete.

The EGL model was very different. While many in the booming kitchen refurbishment business chase large complicated projects, they have perfected the art of attracting customers who choose a different, less expensive option.

The actual kitchen products EGL supplied to me, were mostly the same as my own companies top end kitchen offerings, but the business turnaround time was very different. When EGL refaces the kitchen, typically this is done in a day or two, sometimes three days if the kitchen needs a new countertop as well. As a result the bottom line Return On Investment or (ROI) has been sensational for me.

I look forward to meeting and talking with all new Franchisees joining our system and if I can be of any help to anyone thinking of entering this internationally proven Franchise system with a 20 year track history, please email me at: and we can have an in-depth discussion on how the EGL business model could possibly help you achieve your goals.

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