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Find all your kitchen needs in one convenient location. We take pride in being the top supplier of high-quality kitchen cabinets and countertops for your remodeling project. Rest assured, we have everything you need to transform your kitchen into a stunning space. Visit our showroom, where you'll find an extensive range of options, including:

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Your kitchen cabinets are vital components of your kitchen, serving functional and aesthetic purposes. Besides offering ample storage for your food and cooking essentials, they also provide a surface for meal preparation. Not only do they fulfill practical needs, but they also significantly contribute to the overall ambiance and style of your kitchen.


If you are planning a kitchen renovation in San Diego, it is crucial to select cabinets that suit your requirements and personal style. At EatGatherLove in San Diego, we provide an extensive range of kitchen cabinets crafted from various materials and available in multiple finishes and door styles. With our diverse selection, you can find the perfect cabinets to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen.  

Kitchen Designing

Our team of skilled designers is readily available to assist you in selecting the ideal cabinets for your kitchen, all while keeping your budget in mind. With their expertise and experience, they will guide you through the decision-making process, ensuring that you make the best choice for both your kitchen's functionality and your financial considerations.


It is essential to compare "Apples to Apples" when evaluating quotes for your kitchen remodel. Take the time to carefully examine each offering and ensure that they are utilizing products of the same quality level. This will help you make accurate comparisons and ensure that you are receiving fair and consistent pricing for the materials used in your project

Increased storage space

New kitchen cabinets frequently offer improved efficiency compared to older ones, allowing for increased storage space within a smaller overall footprint. This benefit is particularly valuable in small kitchens where maximizing every inch of space is crucial. By upgrading your cabinets, you can optimize storage capabilities and make the most of your kitchen's limited dimensions, enhancing both functionality and organization.

Updated Style

By installing new kitchen cabinets, you can effortlessly refresh the style of your kitchen. With a wide range of options available, including various materials, finishes, and door styles, you can easily find cabinets that perfectly complement your existing décor. Whether you prefer a modern aesthetic, a traditional look, or something in between, our diverse selection of cabinets at EatGatherLove in San Diego ensures that you can achieve the desired style and enhance the overall visual appeal of your kitchen.


Rest assured that our kitchen cabinets are crafted using only premium-quality materials and construction techniques. We take great pride in ensuring that our cabinets meet the highest standards of durability and longevity. As a testament to their quality, our cabinets are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty, providing you with peace of mind and protection for your investment. You can trust that our cabinets will not only enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen but also withstand the test of time.  Our products are manufactured in USA and Europe.


In addition to providing top-notch kitchen cabinets, we also offer professional installation services. Our experienced team will ensure that your cabinets are installed with precision and expertise, guaranteeing their longevity and functionality for many years to come. By entrusting the installation to our professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cabinets will be securely and accurately installed, allowing you to fully enjoy their beauty and convenience without any worries.  

When choosing cabinets, it is recommended to opt for those that provide a trustworthy manufacturer's guarantee. This warranty offers assurance and safeguards you in case of any possible defects or problems.


Free Consultation

We recognize the significance of selecting the right kitchen cabinets, and the responsibility that comes with it. Hence, we offer a complimentary consultation to all of our customers. During this consultation, we'll collaborate with you to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements and budgetary constraints. Our aim is to guide you in selecting the ideal cabinets that align perfectly with your home. With our expert advice and personalized approach, you can be confident in making a well-informed decision that will enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

Increase in Property Value

A thoughtfully remodeled kitchen, executed using quality materials and installed by skilled professionals, often has the potential to increase the value of your property beyond the cost of the remodel itself. By investing in a kitchen renovation that is tastefully designed and executed to high standards, you can potentially achieve a higher resale value for your home. Our team at EatGatherLove understands the importance of delivering exceptional results that not only enhance your kitchen's functionality and style but also contribute to the overall value of your property.

Learn more about kitchen cabinet finishes

Here are some things to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets:

1. Cabinet finishes refer to the final coating or treatment applied to the surface of the cabinets, which impacts their appearance, durability, and ease of maintenance.

2. Different cabinet finishes include options such as stained, painted, glazed, laminated, and natural wood finishes. Each type of finish offers its own unique look and characteristics, allowing individuals to choose a style that suits their desired aesthetic.

3. Stained finishes enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain, providing a warm and rustic look. They come in various shades, from light to dark, allowing for customization and versatility.

4. Laminate finishes offer a wide range of color options, allowing homeowners to match or contrast with the overall color scheme of the kitchen. They provide a clean and modern look.

5. Glazed finishes add depth and dimension to the cabinets by creating a subtle, antique, or distressed look.             They involve the application of a glaze over a base coat, resulting in a unique and textured appearance.                   Laminated finishes, on the other hand, are synthetic coatings that provide a smooth and durable surface.                 They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and are resistant to moisture and stains.


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