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Clean, minimalist and sophisticated white kitchen that has had doors and drawer faces replaced

Kitchen Refacing and Remodeling

We believe a beautiful kitchen creates a place for family and friends to gather with love.

We reface and remodel kitchens. You may want just small changes like replacing the doors and drawer fronts, perhaps a new countertop as well, or maybe an entirely new design.

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Kitchen Inquiries

Contemporary modern kitchen with wooden doors and drawers

Kitchen Doors & Drawers

We have three main styles of kitchen doors and drawers. For each door front and drawer front style we show the various textures and colors that you can choose from.

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Contemporary kitchen with Eternal Marfil quartz countertop

Kitchen Countertops

The countertop has a big impact in terms of the look and feel of your kitchen. We have the latest quartz, natural stone, engineered stone, and high pressure laminate countertops to compliment your style and needs.

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Traditional kitchen with butler and inset feature sinks

Kitchen Sinks

We have curated a range of sinks, all of which can be put into any of our countertops. We of course have both dual bowl and single bowl sinks, the latter of which are the current trend.

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EatGatherLove Handles and Pulls - wood kitchen with large stainless steel handles and pulls

Kitchen Handles & Pulls

We have curated a collection of handles and pulls to match our beautiful cabinets and door/drawer styles.

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Contemporary kitchen featuring a Galleria faucet and soap dispenser

Kitchen Faucets & Soap Dispensers

We have curated a range of faucets and soap dispensers, all of which can be incorporated within our sink range, providing practicality in a range of designs to suit your kitchen.

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Dual bowl sink with operational disposal button set into countertop

Kitchen Disposals

We have curated a range of disposal systems installed under the sink area, with operational buttons set stylishly within your countertop for ease of use.

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Contemporary kitchen with functional accessories

Kitchen Accessories

We have curated a range of accessories to provide storage solutions for your kitchen cabinetry, maximising space and ease of use.

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Beautifully crafted kitchen with functional drawer boxes

Kitchen Drawer Boxes

We have curated a range of drawer boxes, beautifully crafted and built to perform under heavy load.

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